The IMPLEMENT sessions offer UDL implementation examples, supports for using the UDL Guidelines for curriculum design & instruction, and UDL tools, resources, and processes for effective classroom implementation of UDL.

Video for UDL Implementation: A Process of ChangeVideo for UDL Implementation: A Process of Change

UDL Implementation: A Process of Change

Presenters: Liz Berquist, Jeff Diedrich, Bill Jensen, Loui Lord Nelson, Roger Plunkett, Patti Ralabate, David Rose, George Van Horn

This session features CAST and district leaders discussing the UDL implementation process. It includes a description of the five phases of UDL implementation and examples of how districts apply the principles of UDL to decision-making and planning.

Learning Goal: Participants will explore Universal Design for Learning (UDL) as a systems change process.

Essential Questions: Why is UDL implementation considered to be a process of systemic change?
What makes UDL implementation different from the implementation of other frameworks or inititatives?
What are the areas of focus during the five phases of UDL implementation?

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